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Classic Oxfordian Texts

"Shakespeare" Identified
by J. Thomas Looney

The book that launched the Oxfordian movement.

This Star of England
by Dorothy and Charlton Ogburn
(In Progress)

Published in 1952, This Star of England was written, not as proof that Oxford wrote the poems and plays but assuming that Oxford wrote the poems and plays.

The Writings of Sir George Greenwood
(in Progess)

Classic texts from one of the finest Anti-Stratfordian minds and co-founder of the original Shakespeare Fellowship.

The Writings of Charles Wisner Barrell

Classic American writings from the original Shakespeare Fellowship News-Letter (American) and The Shakespeare Fellowship Quarterly.

The Writings of Gwynneth Bowen

Classic English writings from the original Shakespeare Fellowship News-Letter (English) and the Shakespearean Authorship Review.


Important Stratfordian Texts

The Writings of Lilian Winstanley
(In Progress)

Two books that support the Oxfordian arguments that Shakespeare's plays were highly topical.

Some Influential Sources

Romeus and Juliet (1562)
Arthur Broke

Ovid's Metamorphoses (1567)
Arthur Golding Translation

The Langham Letter (1575)
Nina Green's Oxford Site

Hekatompathia (1582)
Thomas Watson

Leicester's Commonwealth (1584)
Nina Green's Oxford Site

The Marprelate Tracts (1589)
Nina Green's Oxford Site

Tears of the Muses (1591)
Edmund Spenser

Strange Newes (1592)
Thomas Nashe

For a comprehensive collection of sources,
check out the Elizabethan Authors website.

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