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Thomas Bedingfield

[d. 1613]

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Thomas Bedingfield, gentleman pensioner to Queen Elizabeth, was son of Sir Henry Bedingfield (d. 1583). He published in 1573 Cardanus Comforte. There is a dedication to the Earl of Oxford, dated 1 Jan. 1571-2, which is followed by a letter to the translator, and a copy of verses to the reader, both written by the Earl of Oxford; and to these succeed addresses to the reader in prose and verse by Thomas Churchyard. In 1584 Bedingfield published The Art of Riding by Claudio Corte; and this was followed in 1595 by The Florentine Histories written in the Italian tongue by Niccolo Macchiavelli. Bedingfield died in 1613. (Stow's Survey of London, ed. 1720, ii. 65)

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