The HU in the Writings of
Sri Harold Klemp

from Be the HU

Every moment of your life, you must be the HU. This is more than just chanting HU. This is being the HU. The Sound must always be in your atoms. It must be with you when you're driving, when you're at work, when you're at home eating a meal with your family. The HU and you must be one and the same. And if you make yourself more and more one with the HU, you will find that life is a more joyful place.

I've used many words to try to show you something. I can't give you truth in words. I can give you ideas; I can give you images. I leave this image with you: Live your life as if you are one with the HU, so that every moment of your life is a spiritual exercise. When you are talking to a stranger, when you are with your loved ones, you are a spiritual exercise. You are living and moving in the body of ECK.

And as an atom in the body of ECK, there is a sound that comes from you. That sound is HU. This sound not only comes from you, but it is you. You must know that this body you have is just a shield, a barrier--a heavy, course shield, and a barrier which is trying to stop you from hearing and seeing your true identity as Soul.
(p. 278)

from Soul Travelers of the Far Country

This is the exercise I used in contemplation at bedtime. I sang the word HU to myself on the outgoing breath and held the note until drawing another breath. HU, a most holy name of God, was the ancient Lemurian's song of upliftment. It was their way to reach the ECK, the Holy Spirit. The Druids held that HU was the highest God, and to the Egyptians the name meant the God of Utterance­a corruption of its real meaning, however. (p. 26)

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