The HU in the Writings of

Sri Paul Twitchell

from The Flute of God

By filling our world with the creative sound of HU, the unknown name of God, we will become a channel for divine spirit. When used properly, uttered aloud or silently, the creative Soul will enable our Soul to ride the divine vibrations through all the realms of time and space to our own glorious destination. (p. 84)


Spirit is the all-penetrating power which is the forming power of the universes of HU. It is the immortal unchanging source of life which only changes form regardless of what the world may be. It is the causative force which man has studied, written about, and can only know the exacting properties of, never actually acquiring total knowledge. We know that its modus operandi works peculiarly in exacting ways as do the mathematical formulas. Scientists and students of the Holy Works, all know this.

This spirit, the Voice of HU--HU is often known as the SUGMAD--which is the true name of God in the upper realms, has one great quality and that is to create effect. As it flows down through the worlds, from its fountainhead in the center of all creation, far above this earth world, it needs distributors, and it works through Souls.
(p. 86)


The ancients developed sound before any of the other studies of the Spirit. Thus, music became the first of the arts to be brought into existence. Music is only a branch of the Song of the SUGMAD, the HU, the all-existing. (p. 91)


from The Spiritual Notebook

The first of these three creative techniques is called the Surat technique. Its practice focuses on Soul hearing the melody of ECK. As we advance into the inner worlds, the music of the ECK becomes greater, until it ultimately merges into the SUGMAD, the Godhead.

The Surat way is rather simple. It is chiefly a spiritual exercise that involves sitting in silence. The participant sits in a straight chair, both feet on the ground. Putting both hands in his lap, fingers interlaced with palms up, the practitioner places his attention on the Tisra Til, the Spiritual Eye.

The subject then takes five deep breaths and begins repeating the word HU, the universal name of God. After a length of time has elapsed, he takes five more deep breaths and continues softly chanting the word HU. It is pronounced H-U, in a long drawn-out manner. His attention remains fixed on the Tisra Til. He does not try to see anything; he just holds it there.

After another pause, he again repeats his five deep breaths, bringing them to a total of fifteen.

Following this he slows down chanting the name of God until it is very, very slow. Breathing softly, he begins to listen to what he is singing. His chanting slows, until it is halted completely. His attention is then switched to listening to the esoteric sounds as the HU rolls through him. He starts vibrating like a machine; and he may shake considerably, but he does not let this frighten him.

Very soon he begins to hear a humming sound in the back of his head, spreading out into his body, until he becomes part of the sound. Then various parts of the ECK melody start. Sometimes it is the roaring of a waterfall, other times the sounds of violins or flutes. This means he is out somewhere on the far planes of the higher worlds, beyond the Fifth, or Soul, Plane, and traveling in the Atma body in the realms of God.

These sounds will gradually become a melody of celestial music unlike anything heard before. (pp. 79, 80)

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